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The Lazy Generation is a homegrown stunt-crew from the United Kingdom. Recording their shenanigans since childhood, the group eventually started sharing videos online in 2011.

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The Lazy Generation’s stunts & antics usually centre around some kind of game or competition. Like the “Lympics”, which pits the boys against one another in a series of DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself) athletic events. Or the most emotionally-intense card game in the world - “Lazy Low Card” - where cards are turned to determine who does the stunt/forfeit.

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After several years of creating videos & appearing on clip-shows such as RudeTube, Ridiculousness & The Ellen Show, The Lazy Generation’s name landed in Hollywood - with production company Gunpowder & Sky - more specifically, at the desk of CEO Van Toffler, former President of Viacom Media Networks.


Around the same time, The Lazy Generation also caught the attention of “Dirty Sanchez”, the UK’s most infamous stunt-crew who rocked MTV in the 2000’s, and began a relationship with them.

With Gunpowder & Sky, The Lazy Generation secured a non-TX pilot with MTVUK in 2019, which would be recorded in 2020.


Following this, “Lazy Generation: Stupid Stunts” - an 8 Episode Digital Series with Comedy Central UK was commissioned

The show was recorded in 2021 & released in 2022, with each episode featuring a Celebrity Lazy Low Card round. However, the show would eventually be removed for being “too extreme” and bringing Comedy Central’s digital channels into hot-water.


Also in 2022, The Lazy Generation featured in Season 17 of “America’s Got Talent”. Despite, being “not American, nor talented”, the audition caused shock-waves, and 3 “yes” votes were given by the judges. Plus, a standing ovation from Simon Cowell


The group progressed to the “Judges Cuts” round and were selected to appear in the AGT Semi-Finals, where they’d perform a “Cactus Tug of War” live to over 3,000 people, and millions viewing at home. The boys finished in the Top 55 out of 20,000+ entrants, much to everyone’s (especially their own) surprise.


The Crew:

Kurtis Bell


“Young” Troy Bell

“Fhat” Sam Lloyd

Aqueel Bokhari

“Dealer” Ty Halliday

Cousin Ryan

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